Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surfside Beach Boy

We had a busy weekend, had to travel to Charleston on Friday- so it was Saturday before Garrett was able to wear the diaper. Then, the weather turned rainy and cold- so we spent the day inside. Oh well, it was still great seeing him in the diaper that went across America!! I can't believe how long ago we had signed up, hard to believe my little man is now 10 and half months old. Time sure does fly by! Anyway, he enjoyed posing in the diaper and we greatly appreciate you giving us the chance to participate.

Brook & Garrett

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

International Interest

The second diaper is in the process of embroidery and finalization. Are you or someone you know interested in participating in the International Fluffy Bum? We've still got more than 20+ moms here in the United States, but I didn't want any of the moms abroad to miss out.

If you are interested or want to pass along the info about the travelling baby pants please send them this way! I'll post the newest blog and link as soon as the diaper is finished and travelling across Canada and Europe.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling the Flu Season

Hi Everyone,
The diaper is still making the rounds in the Southeast. It is currently heading from Florida to the Carolinas. But many of the moms are receiving the diaper while the family is down with a flu bug. So there are little to no pics, but no less Fluffy love.

I promise to post more as soon as I know more. I'm currently working on the second diaper embroidery for the International version. Wahoo!

Happy Heart Day!