Monday, April 4, 2011

Steel City!

GFB visits the Steel City!

We have a very active 2 year old who currently has a love/hate relationship with her picture being taken (and prefers to wear dresses). We decided to take day 1 with the diaper as a family day at home.

Her older sister was upstairs napping since she wasn't feeling well, and her brother was watching Daddy play PS3.

I chased Josie around with the camera, and with a little help from Daddy, I got one shot of the bum! Otherwise, I managed a couple pictures of a very happy Josie.

The diaper will be cleaned and then put on another bum in the area! More pictures and story to follow!

Thanks Linda! Enjoy the Diaper & its adventures.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Honestly when we started this project I never thought that it would go on this long, or this far.
On the diaper's third incarnation, it has made its way to Indonesia to spend time with Astie and her family. Enjoy!~Hally~
(while I giggle to myself...'holy cow...from California to Jakarta...huh...who woulda thunk? ')

So, we did this a little out of the ordinary I guess. I had the diaper at my other place in another city as well, but it wasn't anything special (chores, housewife). Same thing at our place in Jakarta, except my sister came up with a good concept idea. We wanted to do something special with the diaper, while it's in Indonesia. So the story of the diaper would be something like "the photoshoot with the Global Fluffy Bum" or something like that.
We also wanted to show some Indonesian traditional items. Oh, by the way, we don't dress in batiks and kebayas everyday. Only on special occasions, and this was one. :)And last, I included a most recent picture (several months old) of my lil bub and hub while we were island hopping off the coast of Sumatra.


Great Post, Astie & family. (and photographer sister!) If you're interested in following their blog, check them out at The World From a Dog's Eye View.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where have you been, Missy?! apologies to those strong and few that continue to follow our blog.
The diaper has been en route to its next destination. And it was NOT close.

I just received word that the diaper arrived safely and I'll post about its journey tomorrow.

Until then, let the guessing begin. The diaper is now across an ocean from where it was last....guess away my friends!

ps....perhaps I can find something to giveaway to the first person who guesses correctly. (the last mama who mailed it can't enter...sorry!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PA fun in the Fluff!

We had another chance to have the fluffy bum with us and it was great! We got some pictures outside... enjoying the last moments of "summer"! And the kids loved it!

Cecilia is five months and had a great time showing the fluffy bum outside!

Marco is a little over two now... it was a little bit harder to get a good picture of him... so much energy!!!! Wearing cloth diapers has truly been a great experience and when the fluffy bum comes comes around it makes it even more special! Thanks again!!!
Thanks Paula & family. We appreciate all the fun places you guys take the diaper. :)

We're going to try and send this diaper internationally. The last time we attempted this, the diaper 'got lost' somewhere in Canada.

All the best for you & your family this fall,


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why My North Carolina Fluffy Bum is Pretty Super

Hi, I'm Anneliese! I'm ten months old and I live in Raleigh. I got to wear the worldwide fluffy bum diaper a few weeks ago. We didn't go anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary for the occasion, but I can still give you some reasons why my fluffy bum is rockin' awesome every day!

1.) My fluffy bum earns me lots of camera time. When I'm hanging out in my cutie cloth diapers, I get all the camera time and all those flashing lights are for me! Hardly any flashes for my silly big brother Nathan. Sometimes he pee-pees in the potty instead of his cloth diapers! Why would he do that? Doesn't he know Mommy will make the camera's light flash lots of times if he has a cute fluffy bum? Oh well, more flashing for me. I love the flashing light.

2.) My fluffy bum saves our family so much money! Sometimes Mommy says that's good because we get to have more money for things like groceries and electricity. But don't listen to her. Really that extra money is for baby clothes and fluffy mail.

3.) My fluffy bum feels so comfy and soft. It's enough to shriek with happiness at every diaper change. No, really, you should try it. What better thing is there to shriek about than clean soft fabric to pee pee on? I'm pretty sure nothing.

4.) My fluffy bum keeps all my poop contained. Shhhhh, don't tell, but I'm not a very ladylike pooper. My poop used to explode all over me and into my car seat and bed and the laps of anyone who was trying to snuggle with me. Then they didn't want to snuggle with me anymore! Now I can poop with a sense of freedom, since they have never ever leaked out of my cloth diapers... not even once! Now people always want to cuddle with me! And all that extra snuggling practice has made me the best hugger in the family. It's true. Everybody says it.

5.) My fluffy bum is helping save the planet. What did your bum do today?

Anneliese's mom Erin writes a family blog called Happy Noise about the wonderful chaos of Nathan, Anneliese, and the occasional stalking of their mailman for fluffy mail updates.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The special thing about these pics is that Anne is smelling some volunteer black-eyed susans that are in the middle of the yard. We have been mowing around them, just because it is fun to see how a bird or the wind carried the seeds from our wildflower garden into the middle of the yard.

Thank you for sharing, Ryall & Anne!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Moving on

The original diaper with its small blemish has been shipped to the next participant!
It is now on vacation with a family in Virgina. When she's done with it, it will ship on to a repeat mama before I attempt to send it to Indonesia.

We went for a year before either one of our diapers disappeared, then in 6 months they are both 'unattainable'.

Let's keep hoping that the good of the world will continue to participate and that those participants can continue to pass it on.

I'll keep you all updated.