Thursday, July 30, 2009

Travelling Day and interim post

Today the diaper is en route.

So on the topic of living greener...

I am convinced in the summertime that kids grow like weeds. Their legs get longer, their skin gets darker, hair lightens and they are in a state of constant motion. Awake they are powered by photosynthesis and popsicles. When they are finally (FINALLY) still, they sleep deeply and grow an inch. My boys are entertained this summer by:

  • playing outside in their Spiderman sprinkler (best $12 bucks spent this summer)
  • bug catching
  • riding bikes
  • water painting with food dye colored tap water
  • riding bikes
  • building forts & teepees out of old bed sheets and clothespins
  • digging in their garden
  • making their own volcanoes (with 'real' hot lava)
  • riding bikes
  • washing the dog
  • did I mention they like to ride bikes?

So in the spirit of things that entertain kids outside, but are free (almost free) and let them just be kids....chime in with your summer ideas for kids.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cloth Diaper Carnival

From a Cloth Diapering Blogger Board here's a Discussion Prompt:

What do you wish you knew then that you know now? Meaning, now that are have experienced cloth first hand, what would you have told yourself when you first started or before you started?


- Okay, honestly I wish that I would have known that it's okay to ask questions and not feel guilty about buying used.
- That buying a sample stash off Craigslist is a great way to try different types of diapers and see what works best for your diapering style and your baby. (ie. thick thighs, long waisted, etc)
- That CD'g is SO NOT what your mother/grandmother used to do, but you know what? (sssshhhhh...don't tell, but they are right about it being easier than I thought)
- That it is way cheaper than I thought.
- That my kids don't get nearly as many diaper rashes.
- That it's SUPER easy to corrupt, I MEAN, convince friends to try it. And then they are CD'g too.
- That husbands will try it, like it, if you make it easy for 'em. (stuffing the pockets already, lining the dipes already, etc) helps if you lay out the cost savings too!
- That CD'g moms on blogs are happy to help, answer questions, chat and pass along information. They're generally a good bunch!
- That DiaperSwappers can scare the beegeezus outta you if you let it.
- Not all baby's booties were meant for the teeny tiny 'boutique-y' diapers that cost $40 a pop.
- My baby loves me no matter what kinda diaper I put on his bum.

I'm sure there's more, but this is a good start!

Little Ones Take Fluff to Lowell, MA

The diaper got here Friday evening and Saturday morning we put it on my 18 month old son, Brennan and off we went! We took the diaper to Lowell, MA which was founded as a manufacturing center for textiles. Many immigrants came to Lowell to work in the textile mills. It was also Folk Festival weekend here, so there was plenty to see and do. We took a few pictures near some of the historical features: the canal-which led water to the turbines in the mill to power the looms, the clock tower-which dictated the life of the mill workers, the entrance to the Boot Mill Courtyard, Sculpture One—the silhouette of Francis Cabot Lowell (the textile manufacturer for which the city is named) and a cobblestone street.

Then we played in a Trolley themed playground, both kids had a great time climbing and sliding down the “trolley.” Next we toured the old engine, Boston and Maine No. 410 built in 1911. Both my kids are fascinated by trains so this and the trolley were the highlights of our trip. Finally we rode the trolley. Lowell has 3 working trolley cars which transport you across the city the way they did it before buses.

Before heading for home, we watched part of a jester show and stopped by an area where kids can play “drums” made of recycled materials. Brennan had a great time making noise.

When we got back home, my daughter Cecily, who is day time potty trained, put the diaper on for “rest time.”

We had a great “diaper” day.

Amy, Cecily (3) & Brennan (18 mo)

Thanks, Amy & Kids!!! What a great trip for the Fluffy Bum.

The diaper stays on the Eastern Coast and heads to NY next.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Babies in Barrington, NH

Well, we went to the park and library. Madeline is now pottty trained since the fluffy bum started so she put the diaper on her favorite doll for a while or held it on the swing. Our new baby (born 5/6/09, and part of the reason it took me so long to do this, along with having surgery 4 weeks postpartum) wore the diaper at the park while she watched Madeline swing. At the library I had Hannah in our new Beco and read Madeline a book while her doll (Sarah) wore the diaper. We had loads of fun and made sure to show the librarian the diaper too! Here are some pictures.


Andrea & Girls,
Thanks for participating and here's hoping that you continue to recover well!
Off to PA!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Working on it

Dear Participants,
There are two diapers in rotation:

1) the domestic diaper is visiting a mom who recently had surgery and is trying to get to the post office ASAP.

2) the international diaper is wrapping up a long visit in Canada and should be on the way to Malaysia soon.

I hope there's an easier/faster way to keep the diaper going, but I'm at a loss as to how.

All the best,