Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Ones Take Fluff to Lowell, MA

The diaper got here Friday evening and Saturday morning we put it on my 18 month old son, Brennan and off we went! We took the diaper to Lowell, MA which was founded as a manufacturing center for textiles. Many immigrants came to Lowell to work in the textile mills. It was also Folk Festival weekend here, so there was plenty to see and do. We took a few pictures near some of the historical features: the canal-which led water to the turbines in the mill to power the looms, the clock tower-which dictated the life of the mill workers, the entrance to the Boot Mill Courtyard, Sculpture One—the silhouette of Francis Cabot Lowell (the textile manufacturer for which the city is named) and a cobblestone street.

Then we played in a Trolley themed playground, both kids had a great time climbing and sliding down the “trolley.” Next we toured the old engine, Boston and Maine No. 410 built in 1911. Both my kids are fascinated by trains so this and the trolley were the highlights of our trip. Finally we rode the trolley. Lowell has 3 working trolley cars which transport you across the city the way they did it before buses.

Before heading for home, we watched part of a jester show and stopped by an area where kids can play “drums” made of recycled materials. Brennan had a great time making noise.

When we got back home, my daughter Cecily, who is day time potty trained, put the diaper on for “rest time.”

We had a great “diaper” day.

Amy, Cecily (3) & Brennan (18 mo)

Thanks, Amy & Kids!!! What a great trip for the Fluffy Bum.

The diaper stays on the Eastern Coast and heads to NY next.

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