Thursday, July 30, 2009

Travelling Day and interim post

Today the diaper is en route.

So on the topic of living greener...

I am convinced in the summertime that kids grow like weeds. Their legs get longer, their skin gets darker, hair lightens and they are in a state of constant motion. Awake they are powered by photosynthesis and popsicles. When they are finally (FINALLY) still, they sleep deeply and grow an inch. My boys are entertained this summer by:

  • playing outside in their Spiderman sprinkler (best $12 bucks spent this summer)
  • bug catching
  • riding bikes
  • water painting with food dye colored tap water
  • riding bikes
  • building forts & teepees out of old bed sheets and clothespins
  • digging in their garden
  • making their own volcanoes (with 'real' hot lava)
  • riding bikes
  • washing the dog
  • did I mention they like to ride bikes?

So in the spirit of things that entertain kids outside, but are free (almost free) and let them just be kids....chime in with your summer ideas for kids.

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Paula Cris said...

Kiddie pool! It had to be number one for us. With or without water! Marco loves climbing in and out of that thing!!! He also loves going for a stroll on the neighborhood! That makes mommy happy too - good exercise and time out of the house! ;)