Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Honestly when we started this project I never thought that it would go on this long, or this far.
On the diaper's third incarnation, it has made its way to Indonesia to spend time with Astie and her family. Enjoy!~Hally~
(while I giggle to myself...'holy cow...from California to Jakarta...huh...who woulda thunk? ')

So, we did this a little out of the ordinary I guess. I had the diaper at my other place in another city as well, but it wasn't anything special (chores, housewife). Same thing at our place in Jakarta, except my sister came up with a good concept idea. We wanted to do something special with the diaper, while it's in Indonesia. So the story of the diaper would be something like "the photoshoot with the Global Fluffy Bum" or something like that.
We also wanted to show some Indonesian traditional items. Oh, by the way, we don't dress in batiks and kebayas everyday. Only on special occasions, and this was one. :)And last, I included a most recent picture (several months old) of my lil bub and hub while we were island hopping off the coast of Sumatra.


Great Post, Astie & family. (and photographer sister!) If you're interested in following their blog, check them out at The World From a Dog's Eye View.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where have you been, Missy?!

Well....my apologies to those strong and few that continue to follow our blog.
The diaper has been en route to its next destination. And it was NOT close.

I just received word that the diaper arrived safely and I'll post about its journey tomorrow.

Until then, let the guessing begin. The diaper is now across an ocean from where it was last....guess away my friends!

ps....perhaps I can find something to giveaway to the first person who guesses correctly. (the last mama who mailed it can't enter...sorry!)