Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Canada's visit

Pamela & Hudson took some pics with the diaper while battling a Canada winter.

Check out her post at "Can't Wait".

Pamela mentioned that this diaper looks in great condition. (and I hope it is...haven't seen it in quite a while) This is the second re-incarnation of the diaper cover. The first was actually a blue Bum Genius that had the exact same embroidary. A mom decided to replace it (at her cost) because of a small blemish. The first one awaits its partner so they can both go on (after the adventure) to share fluffy love at the Cloth Diaper Foundation. They're an organization that provides cloth diapers to little ones who need them and wouldn't be able to afford them regularly. CHECK 'EM OUT!

ps...we just signed up another Canadian mom, another American mama, and our first trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Keep spreading the fluffy love.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cloth in Hospitals

While we are waiting for the diaper to make its re-appearance, I'd thought I'd put this idea out there.

After reading a link on Rockin Green's FB page, I immediately got excited. We cloth diapered our Oldest when he was 2ish and Little Brother from when he got home from the hospital. But hmmm....what is keeping people from cloth diapering IN the hospital? They used to! Prefolds were the way of the world. Why aren't they again? The nurses wear gloves when they change diapers these days, so why can't they put the diaper in a wet bag versus the trash.

Did you use cloth in the hospital? Are you a nurse - why wouldn't they use them if provided?

Chime in and let us know!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010

While our diaper is travelling to a local Living Green Show in Quebec, Canada this week:

Because we can all get a little greener....

Here's a drawing from artist Rick Green of Organized Doodles. He does great work and is available for commission work. I used him for my brother's birthday last summer. And while I'm pretty sure he doesn't do cloth diapers, he's a Green guy. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How it all began....

Once upon a time I was on a Cloth Diaper site and I commented on how I had bought a diaper from a mama in MA. She laughed (via email) because I just knew she was (I've got the ESPN like that). She mentioned that she had bought it from a mama in New Mexico.

And we started thinking....what if we chronicled where a single diaper went? And the babies/kids who used it? So we got a diaper cover donated, we got some KICK BUTT embroidery, and it began.
It started with my 2 sons, one who was almost out of dipes, and one who had just arrived. At this point my oldest was just 2 1/2ish, and the baby was about 2 months.

I've included pics of them then and now~Enjoy!

Now the oldest is 4ish and the 'baby' just turned 2! Where did time go?!?!