Thursday, April 8, 2010

How it all began....

Once upon a time I was on a Cloth Diaper site and I commented on how I had bought a diaper from a mama in MA. She laughed (via email) because I just knew she was (I've got the ESPN like that). She mentioned that she had bought it from a mama in New Mexico.

And we started thinking....what if we chronicled where a single diaper went? And the babies/kids who used it? So we got a diaper cover donated, we got some KICK BUTT embroidery, and it began.
It started with my 2 sons, one who was almost out of dipes, and one who had just arrived. At this point my oldest was just 2 1/2ish, and the baby was about 2 months.

I've included pics of them then and now~Enjoy!

Now the oldest is 4ish and the 'baby' just turned 2! Where did time go?!?!

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Paula Cris said...

And what a great idea! I'm so glad to have encountered your blog and to have been able to be a part of this! Really, really cool! And looking forward to going through it again with baby number 2!!!! :)