Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling Fluffy in Florida

While visiting with Laura and her son in Florida, the World Wide Fluff spent some time indoors enjoying a little "Blues Clues" and naptime.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Times in Georgia!

Hi everyone!
The diaper spent the weekend with the owner (and donator for the embroidery) Jill West at Smarty Pants. She took a ton of pics and her journal is in between pics. Thanks for paticipating Jill!
The diaper is headed to Florida for a quick stop before making its way north to the Carolinas.

Thanks for checking in,

Yay, it's our turn! Even though I stitched the embroidery, it was still cool to get the package and know the diaper had already done a lot of travelling. My son, Daniel, is almost 16 months old, and has been cloth diapered since we got home from the hospital. I put the diaper on him (over his GAD) right away and snapped some pics. He was watching a video with one of his big sisters, Sarah, who is a little ballerina :) in the making. The video shows lots of kids doing different kinds of dances, and it's hilarious to watch the little ones trying to copy the kids on the video. Daniel bounces up and down and twirls in circles! We had the diaper over a long, holiday weekend, so I got a few shots of Daniel in his swing, too. Though it's been raining a lot, we caught a cold, sunny day and bundled up and got some outside time for the sake of some good pics. He loves swinging, so even though you can't see the diaper, at least he actually smiled for the camera. :) I figured I'd send along a pic of D's other big sister, too. Jessie is looking for bugs...I guess I should expect that, since I decorated her nursery with bugs and butterflies when she was a baby. It looks to me like everyone is taking good care of the diaper--I can hardly tell it's been used at all. I had a lot of fun marking us on the map and seeing where else the diaper has been. I hope everyone else has as much fun participating as we did!"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter Freeze

Thank you for continuing to check in here. I know it is frustrating to check a blog and see no new posts. I also thank the participants who remain for their patience.

The mom who currently has the diaper has the house down with pneumonia. Please send your good thoughts for a healthy family soon.

I'm just as anxious as you and am in the process of starting International Fluff.

Thanks again for your understanding,

Monday, January 5, 2009

Help...I need somebody...HELP!

The diaper keeps hitting snags.

Most of the time they are unavoidable, but it is taking forever! I'm working on getting the second one underway for the New Year.

Help me with ideas on how to make it travel faster!!!!

Happy New Year!