Monday, January 5, 2009

Help...I need somebody...HELP!

The diaper keeps hitting snags.

Most of the time they are unavoidable, but it is taking forever! I'm working on getting the second one underway for the New Year.

Help me with ideas on how to make it travel faster!!!!

Happy New Year!



Jen said...

I am SO sorry! I feel horrible about this! :-(

Cheryl said...

Hi Hally, I couldn't find your email so I thought I'd post here...I don't know where the diaper is headed next but as a heads uo I thought I should let you know I'm on a mini-vacation through the 12th. Also, are you doing a blogroll with the participating moms? If so, my main blog is at

Rebecca said...

I don't have any suggestions either. but wow it sure is taking forever to get anywhere. I am on the East coast, and Tater will probably be to big for the diaper when it gets here.
I hope it starts moving faster. I also thought it was a one or two day deal, we try it on, take pics, and ship it back out. What happened to that??
You are doing a great job, I bet it's really frustrating on your end")
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