Sunday, August 2, 2009

Giveaway from CDB

From Cloth Diaper Blog :

Looking to try it out cloth? Here's a chance for 3 Bum Genius and a pair of Baby Legs. Just leave a comment on their site to enter!

Good Luck!


FEED YOUR STASH - 3 BG Deluxe AIOs & 1 Babylegs!


Paula Cris said...

hi Hally! Thanks for the post. I actually have a question for you... Lately I have been unable to copy and paste things on my blog... so when I tried to paste this image, it didn't work... Any ideas?!?!?! Thanks

Hally said...

When you go to their site, you can view the 'code' just below the image. Once you've copied that code go back into your blog, view it in html format, paste and publish. I usually just open multiple tabs and toggle between them all. Hope this helps.