Thursday, August 6, 2009

40+ babies' bums = new cover


With over 40 kids covered by the Global Fluffy Bum 08 version, the diaper is a little dirty. A new sponsor has donated an one size diaper cover to be embroidered with the logo.

I'm wondering if now is a good time to switch the title of the blog/address over to the new one while we can archive this one?


Here's the lastest sponsor:
Mom's Milk Boutique

Please thank her for her diaper donation!

Happy Summer!


Paula Cris said...

wow... hard to believe the global fluffy bum has covered over 40 little bottoms! Great job Hally! And Thanks Mom's Milk Boutique! I have purchased from them before and was very pleased with it! Now... why switch the blog title? What's the new name? Why not just continue with it? Many questions as you can see.... but I do really like this blog... so if it goes anywhere, I want to know!!!!!
Paula said...

Yes, thanks so much to Mom's Milk! What an awesome company.