Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PA fun in the Fluff!

We had another chance to have the fluffy bum with us and it was great! We got some pictures outside... enjoying the last moments of "summer"! And the kids loved it!

Cecilia is five months and had a great time showing the fluffy bum outside!

Marco is a little over two now... it was a little bit harder to get a good picture of him... so much energy!!!! Wearing cloth diapers has truly been a great experience and when the fluffy bum comes comes around it makes it even more special! Thanks again!!!
Thanks Paula & family. We appreciate all the fun places you guys take the diaper. :)

We're going to try and send this diaper internationally. The last time we attempted this, the diaper 'got lost' somewhere in Canada.

All the best for you & your family this fall,


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