Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 2 of the World Wide Fluffy Bum

Today was a big day for the diaper. Not only did it have to hold up to a toddler, but it had to hold up to a park playdate. We went with a 'Under the Nile' fitted underneath the WWFluffy Bum.

We headed off to a park playdate, this time to a local park with a pint sized train and kid carousel, a real jet for them to climb all over and loads of playgrounds. I love the way my son likes to strut in the house in just his diapers but as soon as we are packing up to leave, he HAS to wear something over them. 'Butt, Mama....Don't look my butt.' Here are some of our pics, before, during and after the diaper. I just love the look of cloth diapers on a clothesline.
Allrighty, then! Our days with the diaper are done! I'm off to the laminators for the final step of the directions. Then to the post office to send it to the next mama! In the event that the popular chain copy store has laminating issues, I'll keep you guys posted.


Serena said...

Hally! Great job! thanks so much for coordinating. How cool!!!
Can't wait to get our share of the wwdiaper!!

Diva2868 said...

Hi Hally, we would love to involved in this, its a fab idea, my baby is nearly 1, how do we contact you with our address and details? we are in Manchester UK thanx Diana xxx

RachelK said...

Thanks for getting this off to such a great start Hally! I'm spreading the word wherever I can. Let's keep the fluff flying! :)