Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a time in Waynesboro!

Off to the Race!

Hayden's turn with the traveling diaper finally came! Thankfully, our mailman came early on Friday; we were just about to leave for Richmond when the mailman brought us the diaper. So, this diaper didn't just stay in Waynesboro... it got to travel to the state capitol! Hayden is 22 months old and can either be a real ham for the camera or be somewhat shy... unfortunately, he was somewhat shy when wearing the diaper. He had just woken up and we put this diaper on him before we went out the door to the start of the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K. (Mommy's first race!) It was too cold and wet for him to show off the diaper outside, so we took the pictures in the hotel room.We really enjoyed our turn with the diaper and hope that the next family has a lot of fun showing it off!


Looks like a great time! Megan, congrats on running a 10K race. The monument looks beautiful.

Stay tuned for the next stop!


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