Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Way to go, Waynesboro!

Hello All,

We had a great time with the Fluffy Bum diaper. It arrived smelling good and looking great. All these babies and there is hardly any wear. The diaper arrived on a Friday evening so we had a fun 3 days to wear the diaper and spread the word. On Saturday we were blessed with a sunny 77 degree day. Bram went outside sans pants and loved it of course.

Here he is with Daddy and his Uncle surveying Mommy's garden.

Mmmm, dirt.

And giving the dog her chewy.

Sunday it was a bit more cool so we stayed indoors most of the day. Here is Bram having an oh so healthy snack of potato chips while watching Muzzy. Yes, he is eating directly off the couch. He insisted upon dumping his chips out of the bows. See how proud he is of himself?

On Monday we had an interview with our local paper. Here Daddy snapped a quick photo of Mommy trying to get Bram to cooperate for a photo-he was having none of it! The article will run soon, we'll share the link once the article is up on the paper's website.

Thanks Hally for organizing this endeavor, we really enjoyed participating! We'll keep checking back for more particpants, hopefully this will really help raise cloth awareness!! Later this week I will be discussing this project, the interview and sharing more pictures on my blog, join me at http://www.crispy-not-crunchy.blogspot.com/
Thanks for pariticipating, Cheryl & Bram . And double thanks for the publicity with the local paper.
Happy Earth Day (a little early)!!

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