Sunday, July 27, 2008

A list of ideas?

Hi Mamas,
Here's the blog. It's pretty sparse, but not for long! We'll add tons of pics, links and fun stuff as we go. I'd like to start by asking you all for ideas on what to include with the diaper's package. I was thinking we can set up the map on Blogger to show where the diaper has been, but if you'd like to still include an atlas we can do that too? I'm going to format some basic instructions and laminate it on a small card. Leave a comment on anything you'd like to include!


Laura VMS said...

Just so everyone knows, I am Laura (2Cute4Words) on BBC. I really like the idea of using the BG as a cover, but would the intention be to use it as a cover over a pocket diaper or a fitted? If so, we would obviously need to wash it if by chance, the pocket diaper leaked. So, the diaper would be getting wash at least occasionally. Should we maybe stipulate that it gets washed and then air dryed or something? Just a thought. I like the idea of the map on Blogger. Also, maybe links to other people's blog if they just so happen to blog about it? Maybe we could also compile a link to everyone's blogs or something. I don't know. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a flat/prefold atlas to travel with the cover...


Hally said...

Hi Laura - I think the first directions are going to be about washing/drying. Not that any of us would send along a 'dirty' dipe, but for the health of our own babies. I also think we should totally list any other blogs that are willing to talk cloth

Serena said...

Hi everyone--it's Serena (Serena5879)...I emailed Jill from Smarty Pants about our thread.. and this is what she emailed back!

"Hi Serena,

I'd be happy to donate the embroidery--just let me know what you guys want on it. I can go hunting for a design if there's something in particular that you want if I don't have it already...looks like someone mentioned an earth with the caption "World Wide Bum". I have the heart-shaped earth with the recycle arrows around it--would that work? If not, I'll go a'huntin' :)

Also, I think I can get a WAHM to give me a good price on a bG if you can't find someone to out-and-out donate it. In fact, if everyone is okay with this WAHM putting her business logo on the instructions sheet for advertising, she may not charge anything (not sure on that, but I'd be happy to ask her).


Smarty Pants DIAPERS & MORE"

I told her I would post the picture of the heart shaped earth to see whatyou guys thought, but i don't know how to post a picture on here. Also, in response to her question about asking a wahm about it, I told her to ask away! I will post again when I hear back again. In the meantime, how can i put a pic on here?

Serena said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, its susette-arrowbabie on bbc. This sounds awesome guys! Been busy the past cpl of days but so excited its coming along!! I'd be willing to pitch in a cpl $ if needed for the bg.

Stephanie said...

This is litlckrets from BBC. I think sending an atlas along with the diaper is a good idea. This should be lots of fun! ~Stephanie