Monday, December 1, 2008

From TX to LA

Morning All,
The diaper left TX (no post from the mom though) and is now in LA. I'm hoping the more the diaper travels the East Coast, the more moms will post and follow along.

I'm considering setting up a second diaper to see if we can get it to move quickly for the international connections?

Happy Holidays to one and all,



Cheryl said...

LOL I thoght the exact same thing this morning and came on here to suggest it. Great minds think alike :) Two would be great!

Erika said...

Will there be a need to run the diaper through say... Ohio? I would love to participate!

Hally said...

We have one participant in OH, you're more than welcome to join in the lineup. Send a mailing name/address to my link!

Kim said...

yes a second diaper would be great!!
I'm in Canada and feel it'll be years before I see it LOL