Saturday, September 5, 2009

Too Cute Tobin

Tobin and I (Julia of Shobers in the Catskills) were glad to take part in the Global Fluffy Bum project! We were also lucky to receive a brand new Blueberry diaper which replaced the bumGenius that had been going around the USA. Super and sparkling, I was excited to try the blueberry out as a cover. We also just received a bunch of new prefolds from my aunt! Perfect timing.

Although the diaper arrived during a not-so-exciting point in our lives, we were happy to take it out for our every day routines. First, Tobin took it around the living room a bit.

Then we were off to play group, where someone brought a big zebra to play with. Though all the mommies were excited to have the zebra around, none of the babies seemed too keen. Tobin rubbed nose to butt with the zebra. That's about the most love the poor guy got!

Later on, we went outside to play in the grass. Tobin's been loving the outdoors this summer! At least those days we actually CAN get out he's enjoying! Lately, the sun has been shining and the humidity has stayed away, so we're in heaven. This particular day - the grass was in major need of being mowed. All the better to pull on!

Inside again, Tobin had his first taste of purely o's! He wasn't too sure about them that day, but has come to love them now!

The next day, we went over to babysit (play for him!) a couple of older kids, and Tobin crawled around them trying to get their toys. Here, he was allowed to play with a hot pink flying ring. Good enough for him!

Finally, my boy decided to help me by unfolding laundry. Always appreciated! Well, maybe one day he'll learn to fold it. A mom can dream...

Then it was time to wash & dry the diaper...get ready to send it off. Poor thing sat in my car waiting to go off to the next recipients for WAY too long, though! My long 50 hour work week did not lend to getting to the post office. Oh well...fortunately, Hally has been very understanding, and I hope the next mom & baby are too.

Thanks, Julia & Tobin! We love seeing such awesome pics of the diaper out & about.

Off to MD...

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kate said...

What fun!!
That diaper cover is so cute! And I swear, as weird as it is, there is nothing sweeter than a diaper hanging on the line to dry:)