Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Fluff in Maryland

When Johnny was born we made the choice to use cloth diapers, the first in our generation, but it was easy and safe and made us all feel wonderful about this extra step we where taking. But as Johnny gets older and larger I have found myself falling onto the ease of disposables, but when we got the amazing Global Fluffy Bum diaper I was so excited and it re motivated me!!! It was so much fun! The first day we got the diaper was just a normal day of playing around the house and getting into trouble. Climbing on the dinning room table, begging for a cookie or drink, throwing the pillows off the couch so he can jump on them, and carrying around Elmo. All around just a normal day.

The second day we had the diaper we went to visit Grams and Pops, who thankfully live only 30 minutes away. This is a special but not uncommon outing. This is the house Johnny came home to after he was born (his Daddy was serving in Iraq so Mommy stayed with her parents till he came back, two months after Johnny was born)It is amazing to see when Pops holds Johnny and he isn't wearing pants, just how big our 18 month old really is! Grams always has a special treat or two.Johnny's big cousin Ella was at PreK and comes to Grams and Pops house after school till her Mommy and Daddy get home from work and Johnny loves it when she gets home, so he waits patently.We took advantage of having the diaper to share it with Johnny's newest cousin, Samantha, Two months old. Who also stays with Grams and Pops while her parents are at work. She is just so cute and sweet!

The last day we had the diaper actuality accrued about a week later as I procasted and waited for a sunny day to take Johnny outside. We are proudly a military family. Johnny's Daddy has been in the Army for 6 years and moved us around many times. So we thought we thought it would be fitting for Johnny to take the Global Fluffy Bum to the tanks and Ordinance Museum here on post. He like the chance to run around the tanks and climb on them, though not to high.Again I just want to thank everyone involved with the Global Fluffy Bum to allowing us to be involved and I think it is an amazing program!

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