Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bummer on the Bum

I need your opinion. The diaper has stalled. It's somewhere in Ontario. And not likely to make it back. (bummer)

I still have the older Bum Genius version that first made the rounds. The catch? There's a small stain (smaller than a dime, more like a shadow really) on the outer shell of the PUL. I need to know if you are still interested in sending this diaper around? The inner of the diaper is pristine and still to be used as a cover.

Please let me know if you guys are will to send this one around the world. I'll send it to the next mama on the list. We've only got 3 more!!


1 comment:

Rick said...

Sew a decal over the "shadow" or turn it into a heart and send it onward and upward.

Hally, here is the response I put on my blog regarding your question...

Hello Halley. I wouldn't turn down any donation for the project. I would still make it so many dollars per pound up to a certain amount of weight loss. That way it still motives me to lose the weight. Thanks for your interest. I really do appreciate it.