Friday, October 10, 2008

Fluff goes to Colorado!

The World Wide Fluffy Bum travelled to Colorado Springs, CO to visit with Aekley and Stephanie. Here's tidbit and pictures from their adventures.
We were so happy to receive the World Wide Fluffy Bum cover on Thursday, October 9th! (1st photo)

Aekley loves the outdoors, so we decided to take him to the park today to model the cover. It was a wonderful fall day. To show off the cover and our beautiful state, we took these photos of Aekley with Pikes Peak in the background. (2nd and 3rd photos)
Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks for the great pics! Glad you guys enjoyed your time with the Fluff.
The diaper is headed to Kansas and then Texas. Keep checking in!


Tanner said...

Come on WWFB!!! We are anxiously awaiting your arrival here in Kansas!!

Cheryl said...

What great shots! I love it.

Tanner said...

We love chubby legs!! How stinkin' cute!!

Mentsh said...

Awww, I love the chubby legs!! I really like the last pic--looks like he's conquered the world!