Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why did you choose cloth?

Hi Everyone,
The World Wide Fluff is currently on a mail truck making its way through Colorado. While we wait for the delivery, I thought I'd ask another cloth question.

Besides saving the world, one landfill at a time, what made you choose cloth? Why did you choose the style of diaper that you did?

We chose cloth because of the cost savings. Big difference in our small budget. Plus, we got a great stash for $100 and thought it couldn't hurt to try out pockets & prefolds!



Stephanie said...

I originally started using cloth to save our family money (we mostly use PF's and covers). After doing more research, I found even more reasons to use cloth... like avoiding chemicals in sposies, keep spoises out of the landfill, etc.

I am SO happy we chose cloth.

Cheryl said...

We started to save money and to try to go green where we could. We've comtinued becuase it's fun, cute, easy, convenient, green AND easy on my son's bum!