Saturday, October 4, 2008

Waiting and the wash...

While we wait for the diaper to arrive at the next destination, let's talk cloth.

I figure we'll start on some mellow and not controversial.

What's your wash method? We're using bG's and prefolds. (grew out of our HH and await the budget go ahead before we try some GAD's) We toss everything into the wash (hot/cold) with a Planet detergent. No pre-rinse...but Baby B is just now starting solids, so I think the pre-rinse is in order shortly. Then we line dry (as much as we can with the rainy season approaching) with a light tumble dry (10 minutes) to fluff if needed.

Anyone tried the liners?

Post your wash method and let's chat!



Cheryl said...

Good Topic! I throw everythin in together and use Charlie's Soap:

Cold soak (sometimes overnight)
Then Rinse
Hot wash with 1/2 scoop Charlie's
Double Cold Rinse 1st w/ vinegar

I have to dry on high heat to get mine dry, maybe I'm washing too many at once??

Jen said...

We use Flats.

HOT wash with Purex Free & Clear and a little baking soda and Cold rinse. Extra Cold rinse with 1 cup vinegar. Hang Dry.

Festus Foo said...

Spray of poopy diapers, wash on Hot with All F&C Small and Mighty, cold rinse, dry in dryer.

Hally said...

What type of diapers are you doing? We have our bG's that sometimes need an extra tumble.

Jen & Festus,
Have you run into any problems with the concentrated versions of your F&C?


Cheryl said...

I use mostly fitteds but we also use a couple AIOs and some flats. The flats dry fine but the fitteds sometimes feel damp and my Swaddlebees AIOs are never completely dry-I have to hang those after I dry them.

Jen said...

I use a VERY little, little bit. I am not even sure the amount to be honest. I use a scoop from Baby Oxyclean and fill that up half way. I can measure it and let you know how much if you want!

Kim (kimmyjb) said...

I use a mixture of every kid of diaper and I separate into two wet pails, one is pockets, wipes, covers and the other is inserts, AIO, fitteds.
I prerinse cold, hot wash, 1 rinse for pocket pail, 2 for insert pail, and hot dry. 1cycle for pockets, 2 for inserts.
I never have a problem! Oh and I use tide free (liquid).
I've thought about changing my soap, but I figure if this works I should stick with it!