Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sitting Pretty in Kansas

Here's the latest from Tanner & Sloan in Kansas.

The weather was cold and rainy the week that we received the diaper, but the sun finally came out on Day 3! We celebrated the beautiful sunshine with Sloane's first trip to a pumpkin patch, and then a visit to our favorite local health food store, Food for Thought, for some yummy, all-natural goodness.

Glad you guys enjoyed your time with the diaper.


Mentsh said...

LOVE the baby legs--what a great match! And I always love colorful fall pics. It'll be neat to see the seasons change in the pics...

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Kalinda (~KJo~) said...

I like Food for Thought, too! If I'd've gotten in on this global diaper, we could've just handed the diaper over instead of bothering with mailing it! Cute pics :)